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In the most easy way you can join our tournaments and brackets, so not only the players, but also their parents, the press and fans can look at all the results. All this happens just by connecting to the platform and press a single button: no difficult settings or any internet knowledge is needed.

Brackets & Tournaments

NameTypeParticipantsCreated OnProgress
Oldies Vs Younglings 3 on 3 WOwsDE2/12August 25, 2017

A bracket preview will be displayed once 2 or more participants are registered. Login or Sign up to attend

Name = Type of game
Max = Max players
Prog = Progress
Checkin = Checkin time before match start
Desc = Description
Signup = User signup to tournament
Start = Start time
State = Tournament status


Only registered users may sign up to tournaments.
Likewise, your users may forfeit a tournament after signing up, but only before it begins.
Both participants must report a score, replay and screenshot and both reports must agree.
Aslains mod . training room is required

How do I use TeamSpeak in the Tournament?

TeamSpeak (TS) is an application which enables people to speak with one another over the Internet. It can be downloaded here. All teams in the tournament joins our private TS server to communicate during battles,


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